2022 Venus and Mars Conjunction in Capricorn

February 17, 2022

Venus and Mars have formed a conjunction in Capricorn where they meet to re-establish boundaries and long-term goals. While Venus and Mars come together once a year, this is a rare pairing because they will be conjunct within a 2 degree orb until the end of March 2022.

At the end of March 2022, Mars, Venus and the Moon will meet Saturn in Aquarius, where Venus and the moon will cross over Saturn at a higher speed than Mars.

At the time, we will have a waning moon in Aquarius. The moon will first cross Saturn in Aquarius, square the Nodes of Destiny, and Venus will follow shortly after. The waning moon gives us a “letting go” type of energy. Since this will occur days prior to the New Moon in Aries, it is referred to as a “dark moon” because the moon’s light appears dim from Earth. In response, we also tend to feel gloomy… add Saturn in the equation AND the moon’s nodes– fated circumstances will occur and decisions will be made. Mars will eventually speed up to cross Saturn, while making a square to the moon’s nodes.

To understand this energy further, let’s analyze the connection between Venus and Mars.

Venus and Mars in Capricorn

Venus and Mars meet on February 16, 2022, shortly after the peak of the Leo Full Moon. Coincidentally enough, the last time Mars and Venus met was in Leo on July 13, 2021. However, Venus in Capricorn started a new cycle (similar to a moon cycle) on January 9, 2022, so we won’t be revisiting the details of the pairing in Leo.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, therefore, this duo is being ruled by Saturn in Aquarius. Rulership is important. While Venus and Mars meet, they are under Capricorn’s energy but Saturn in Aquarius is directing. Saturn rules both, Capricorn and Aquarius, but the energy is very different between the two. Venus and Mars are wanting to bond in Capricorn, but Capricorn doesn’t bond without hard work and effort.

Venus♀ & Mars♂

While Venus is weak in Capricorn, Mars is exalted. In Capricorn, Mars works diligently beyond obstacles and limitations. This means that Mars will work to respect and honor Venus, but Venus is feeling heavy as she evaluates her worth and long-term values.

In conjunction, can the pairing establish healthy boundaries, act with integrity, and feel secure? Are they reliable and will they honor and respect each other?

The pair will be tested as they reach Pluto in Capricorn, alongside with the moon on February 27, 2022. This energy can last between a week to 10 days. Pluto is hidden energy so it can be destructive, yet healing. Venus is reaching the end of her post-shadow phase and if she did the work during retrograde, she should be able to handle Pluto’s intense energy. Pluto represents betrayal. It destroys, but also eliminates toxicity and the things that serve us no good. Pluto is intense passion, obsessive love, but also brings on rebirth by purging one’s soul. At its best this energy can be a transformative, restructured, and healing bond that welcomes the depth of vulnerability, loyalty, and respect.

This conjunction will mark a turning point because the four celestial bodies (Venus, Mars, the Moon, and Pluto) will be in trine to the Nodes of Destiny. A trine is a harmonious and easy flow of energy, meaning that this energy is re-directed with ease– whether it may appear good or bad– it is for the long-term good.

Venus and Mars will ingress into Aquarius on March 6, 2022 where the energy shifts from limitations and delays to a more rational and either cooperative or detached feeling. In Aquarius, Venus performs better than in Capricorn because Aquarius is a social sign and Venus loves to connect and socialize. Mars is intelligent in Aquarius, but it’s no longer exalted and does not perform at its greatest in this Airy sign. Capricorn, a cardinal sign– initiates and Aquarius, a fixed sign– stabilizes. (Yes, Aquarius is stable energy 😅)

Aquarius stabilizes after it revolutionizes what no longer serves purpose. Aquarius moves away from tradition and moves towards the future. At its best, Aquarius is an intelligent and genius-like sign that wishes to create its own rules. Albert Einstein had his North Node in Aquarius and remember his saying— “Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again and expecting different results.”— This is very Aquarius-like. Aquarius wants to reform and revolutionize what is no longer working.

As Venus and Mars ingress into Aquarius, they will have the opportunity to embrace their individuality and embrace their authentic selves. Aquarius is a humanitarian and idealist sign that longs for a sense of belonging. It is very accepting and understanding of others. When Aquarius feels like an outcast, feels misunderstood or out of place– it detaches and isolates. At their best, Venus and Mars in Aquarius are seeking to cooperate, build friendship, and feel safe being who they are. In Aquarius, Venus and Mars want to engage, communicate, and collaborate so that together they can reach their future hopes and wishes. In order to embrace a sense of individuality, Venus and Mars must work together to understand their differences. Aquarius is a dreamer and wants the collective to be free of restrictions, but this can only happen if the duo is willing to accept the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Venus and Mars will be cohabiting with Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn has been working hard over the last year to restrict the collective and restructure society in a more authentic way. Saturn is the planet of restriction, responsibility, karma, and stabilization. In Aquarius, Saturn seeks to bring responsibility to the collective and restrict areas that are not future-oriented. Saturn helps stabilize change and works to reward society by bringing people together. When Venus and Mars meet Saturn towards the end of March, they will be separated.

After Venus crosses Saturn in Aquarius, she will square the Nodes of Destiny where the opportunity to dissolve karmic debt is presented. Shortly after she enters Pisces, where she is exalted and can express her compassionate nature in a loving, healing, and devoted manner.

Venus and Mars initiate in Capricorn where they establish boundaries and evaluate their long-term ambitions. They ingress into Aquarius after a week long visit with Pluto, the God of the Underworld. After rebuilding, transforming, and healing their energy, Venus and Mars enter Aquarius together where they progress into the future. Together they rise from the ashes, eliminating old patterns that are not aligned with their hopes and wishes. The duo step into Aquarius where they safely accept each other’s uniqueness. While they work to stabilize their progressive relationship, Venus will be separated from Mars. Mars will stay behind in conjunction with Saturn where together they will face old karmic debts as they square off with the Nodes of Destiny. Venus will be in Pisces where she will comfortably express her compassionate, devoting and loving nature. Mars will follow closely behind just in time for the Libra Full Moon in mid-April 2022.

Shadow Work/Journaling Questions

What does healthy boundaries look like for me in my business partnerships and relationships?

How do I feel safe and secure in my relationships?

Do I show up with integrity in my relationships? or How can I be more honest when asserting myself?

Do I feel comfortable expressing my personal power with others?

What impulsive actions do I need to eliminate or become more aware of?

Am I able to honor and respect others when their views don’t align with mine?

How can I be more accepting and understanding of others?

Do I feel safe expressing my authentic self to others?

What does being appreciated feel like and does it align with my future hopes and wishes?

What does cooperation look like in my romantic or most intimate relationships?

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